Attraction near the city center

Located near to the city center allows tourist to access and experience the local culture upon arriving in Chiang Rai. A must visit in Chiang Rai is the King Mengrai Monument, then pay a visit to ancient temples of Chiang Rai such as Ming Muang Temple, Phra Kaew Temple, Phra Sing Temple. Not to miss out shopping in Chiang Rai’s local market Kad Luang during the day and Night Bazaar.

Morning View

Chiang Rai city center has many tourist attractions. Traveling on the merit line often pay homage to King Mengrai followed by paying respect to monks at famous temples such as Phra Singh Temple, Ming Mueang temple, White Temple, Black Temple and enjoy walking Buy food and supplies according to the people method at Kad Luang, Chiang Rai’s largest and oldest central market.

Night View

After making merit at various temples and walking to the market in the morning, at night, Chiang Rai still has a place to stroll that shoppers, photographers, foodies must like Including the night Bazaar, Chiang Rai Walking street with food Local clothes many local sales and if anyone doesn’t like a lot of people wanting a beautiful photo corner, there is a clock tower located in the center of the city. The specialty of this is that the clock will change every hour inviting many photographers to take as souvenirs.